New online mental health resources geared for college students

Picture 8As more researchers delve into the inner workings of the largely mysterious organ known as the brain, an online site has set out to play their part in alleviating mental illness among college students.

The umbrella site and organization, Online Colleges provides resource guides on how to have a better and more successful college experience.

And their latest guide, Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students,  tackles mental health from all angles.

“We offer a comprehensive discussion of the most common issues facing students, from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and eating disorders,” said Jennifer Bell in an email response. Bell is a research contributor to the site.

“Most importantly, however, we clearly outline several options for finding treatment and support,” she said.

Bell highlights the 44 percent of college students who report symptoms of depression as a main motivator for becoming a haven of information for the post-secondary population.

“With so many young adults facing mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety, we felt it was important to address this issue,” she said.

The new resource guide follows the site’s larger mission, Bell said, which is “to help students achieve academic success throughout their college careers.” launched earlier this year and helps those searching for jobs and degrees by finding online programs that fit the student.

“We would like to offer our comprehensive database to give them a lot more options and opportunities,” Bell said.

Some of the resources the site provides include:

— Overviews of schools that offer online programs, state by state.

— Guides that cover what it is like to be an online student from researching schools and the application process to life after graduation.

“You’ll get information on applying to the best schools, registering for classes, completing assignments, working with students across the (nation), communicating with your professors, balancing school, professional and personal life and where you can go after graduation,” Bell said.

— A blog filled with features, news stories, trivia, fun facts, and more, about college traditions, trends in education, tips about thriving in school and more.

— Reports and research on education reform and policy that also feature survival and success tips for students, written by our resident PhD on Inside Online Learning.

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