Op-Ed: In lame duck, lawmakers fail to fix Michigan roads

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council.

“Because along with road funding, the proposal became somewhat of a Christmas Tree bill, fully restoring the earned income tax credit, raising dollars for education and other giveaways aimed at winning Democratic votes but have nothing to do with fixing highways.” The Detroit News 12/19/14

Be careful what you vote for. This bill raises a ton of extra money for non-road trade-offs and no one should be proud of a ballot question that adds a half billion dollars or more to the original $1.2 million for trade offs for legislators favorite causes. $1.2 billion jumped to somewhere between $1.6 and $1.7 billion and included an increase in the gas tax. Great job, Lansing. You screwed up again.

I’d also like to know how much new money goes to local roads. Under the current formula, 80% of the money goes to the State and the rest is divided between road commissions and cities.

You can read the article that Ms. Douglas is referring to here.

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