Op-Ed: Michigan’s Road Funding Proposal

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council.

This could be the most deceptive campaign by government that we have ever seen. Don’t believe that this is for ‘safe roads’ because if it were for safe roads, every single penny collected from every bill attached to the sales tax hike would generate funds that would go ONLY to roads. 

That’s the scam. The bills are full of PORK that sends money to schools, public transportation, tax return increases for the poor, and local governments. High auto registration fees, an increased gas tax with a 5-year escalator also come with the sales tax increase.

This package of bills was designed to deceive.

Don’t forget that M-DOT has been leasing railroad cars for $1.1 million a year for a RR that doesn’t exist and has no funding. Over $12 million in road money has been totally wasted. There needs to be a housecleaning at M-DOT and a review and rewrite of the road funding formula which allows money to go for many things that have nothing to do with making roads safer.

Vote NO. Don’t give Lansing the green light to waste more money.

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  1. Marc G Forest says

    I am dumbfounded at this package of new taxes promoted by those who want to destroy our country. Progressists, Union Bureancrats and so called do-gooders/earth warming activists who want to use the monies saved by the Seniors and hard working middle class, not only by picking their pockets but leading to the weakening of the American Society, to render it ineffective as we see these days by the lack of trust by the foreign countries in view of the lack of leadership of our “supposedly Leaders:” . Shame on America. Forget raising taxes, refuse to be led by the worst of all: those who do not contribute anything tangible but want to pocket as much as they can. States get after your so-called employees and get them to work intelligently and effectively.

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