Op-Ed: Van Gogh for Sale?

By Sue Ann Douglas

How many times have I said that the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) can and does sell art that hasn’t been accessed into the permanent collection? They can and they do, which raises the question as to exactly how many of the 66,000 plus pieces of art that they hold have been accessed? What art did the money from the Custer Flag buy; was the flag ever accessed into the collection? If not, how was the money spent?

Do those who run the DIA sit around and laugh at the stupid fools who passed the millage?

Is the reason that such a small number of pieces of art were appraised during the bankruptcy? Were those the only pieces that the DIA has accepted into the permanent collection? My guess is: yes, that’s the reason.

Of course, when you have a body that operates on public money but only in closed meetings, it sure isn’t easy to get answers, is it?

I’m so glad that this leaked out through the art community and I hope it wakes people up as to the shenanigans that the DIA has been up to and what I consider outright lies regarding the sale of art.

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