Opposite days give reason for praise

If warm weather in the fall is called an Indian Summer, then should we label this cold snap in summer a Pilgrim Spring? The Pilgrims came unexpected to the American Indians, and so has this unseasonable weather, which has literally knocked the socks back on us. I’m fighting the urge put a straw bale decoration on my porch, and I’m suppressing my stomach’s strong desire to patronize the cider mill.

Heidi and her son enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Heidi and her son enjoying the cooler temperatures.

There have definitely been positives and negatives to the summer of 2013. It’s great to be able to take walks without sweating, to enjoy the backyard with friends, and our sprinkler system hasn’t run once. I’m even looking forward to the next DTE Energy bill for the first timeā€”ever. Consequently, many pool and boat owners are feeling greatly underwhelmed by this nip in the air and are no doubt disappointed. This year, I too would have loved to pass more hours poolside than we have been able to. But, this spring-like, damp and chilly air has also made me think about what wisdom can be gleaned from this unpredictable weather.

In our lives we also have seasons that we place expectations and hopes on. We can plan cherished times for relaxation, or we can enter a period of unforeseen trials. Often neither scenario goes how we predict. We can easily take for granted the good stretches and over-loathe the hard challenges. But life’s forecast will change and we are smart to be flexible and adapt gracefully in all situations. It’s not an easy task to master, but being contemplative of it is a great place to begin. The more seasons we live, the more opportunity we have to grow in the shifting winds that are certain to blow.

The phrase, “Expect the unexpected,” is a saying I’ve come to embrace. Contagious joy is possible in the middle of our darkest days, and deep sorrow can settle in when everything looks like it’s going our way. In Michigan, we probably should never be surprised by the weather, and in life too there is always unpredictability. For now things seem calm and cool in the thermometer, but extreme days will come without fail.

Circumstances today could be tough for you, perhaps you have lost a loved one, are in debt, or your dog ate a whole pan of muffins you just baked. Whatever the case, be thankful for the gentle breezes in the air and those peaceful moments when they come. And be bold enough to laugh in those rough waters as well. The practice of appreciating the blessings will give your soul the strength to withstand and sing in the storms to come.

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  1. Heather Schomer says

    Beautiful reminder Heidi!

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