Organizational Meeting of Oakland County Reapportionment Commission

Commission Members are Bill Bullard, Clerk/Register; Andy Meisner, Treasurer;  Jessica Cooper, Prosecutor; Frank Houston, Chairman of the Oakland County Democratic Party; and Jim Theinel, Chairman of the Oakland County Republican Party.

When: March 2nd, 2010 at 10:00 AM in Committee Room A of in the County Courthouse

Purpose: Election of Chairperson and organization of the Reapportionment Commission. Following the receipt of federal census data, the Commission is tasked with drawing districts for Oakland County’s 25 County Commission seats.

This is a public meeting held under the Open Meetings Act.

Michigan law calls for the county clerk to call the initial meeting of the County Apportionment Committee.

Comments from Commission Members:

County Clerk Bill Bullard “My goal is that our Commission will listen to all views from the public and seriously consider their opinions before adopting a redistricting plan for the county commission.”

County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper “My expectation is that we will all work together to draw district lines in compliance with the statutes and the new census.”


Oakland County Democratic Party Chairman Frank Houston “I look forward to working with the Apportionment Commission to ensure Oakland County sets the highest standards for a fair, transparent and accessible redistricting process for our residents.”


Oakland County Republican Party Chairman Jim Thienel “ I believe the real world challenges required to present a fair and constitutional redistricting plan in this politically charged arena will certainly demonstrate to Oakland County citizens how effective bi-partisan leadership can work for the best interests of Oakland County citizens”


County Treasurer Andy Meisner “Redistricting is a critical process that must be fair and transparent to ensure quality representation for Oakland County residents.”

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