Patterson says Kuhnmuench statement not credible

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson called out Peter Kuhnmuench, executive director of the Insurance Institute of Michigan (IIM), for his contradictory statements about proposed changes in Michigan’s auto no fault law. Kuhnmuench released a statement Monday that said “Michigan residents should no longer be forced to pay for a system that is increasingly becoming unaffordable.”

“Pete Kuhnmuench and the Insurance Institute of Michigan have conveniently forgotten their statements from a couple years ago that indicate Michigan no fault insurance is affordable and among the best in the nation,” Patterson said. “How does Kuhnmuench expect to have any credibility with the people of Michigan?”

In 2012, the IIM said in its fact book, “Auto insurance prices in Michigan are reasonable, especially considering the high level of benefits provided to consumers….” Again, the IIM said in its 2010 fact book, “Michigan is generally recognized as having the most efficient and effective auto insurance laws in the United States.”

Patterson also chided Kuhnmuench for his statement, “It’s unfortunate that local city and county politicians are wading into a topic they know nothing about….”

“I have to give Pete credit for this one. At least he’s sticking to the insurance industry’s talking points. This is exactly what Kevin Clinton said about the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association’s financial books when politicians asked to see them – that we wouldn’t understand them. That’s arrogance, plain and simple,” Patterson said.

Clinton was the director of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services at the time.

“It is clear that Kuhnmuench doesn’t understand that I and my fellow ‘local’ politicians Mark Hackel and Bob Ficano represent more than 3.8 million residents or about 38 percent of the population of Michigan. That is why we are united on this issue,” Patterson said.

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