Patterson thanks students for helping Pet Adoption Center

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson lauds the students at Waldon Middle School in Lake Orion Community Schools who raised over $3,000 to help animals at the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center.

The Waldon Student Council organized the fundraiser and more than tripled their goal of $1,000 by raising $3,258 from May 14th-23rd through penny wars. In each of the students’ home rooms or STAR classes there was a jar to collect money.

“This fundraiser shows great initiative by the students,” Patterson said. “Setting a goal and surpassing it as they did demonstrates the level of excellence we like to see in Oakland County students.”

Gwen Anderson, social studies teacher & student council advisor, said the school couldn’t believe how much the students had raised.

“We are absolutely floored by the support our students, parents and staff showed during the fundraiser,” Anderson said. “As a community we really came together to show our love for its animal members.

“Pennies were positive points and silver coins or dollars were negative points. The goal was to be the winning STAR Class with the highest positive total. Students had a blast over the eight days conspiring together to bring their class to victory,” Anderson said.

The whole building participated during their lunch. Students and staff had the opportunity to help their STAR Class into the positive or put a different class into the negative by tossing in nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars.

Jennifer Newman’s STAR class was victorious in the competition beating the second place team by less than a dollar.

“We were amazed by the dedication and enthusiasm these students showed towards helping the animals,” said Joanie Toole, chief of animal control at the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center. “I was blown away when I heard of their success.”

The money will be used to provide medical care to the animals at the adoption center while they await their forever homes and to promote pet adoptions throughout Oakland County.

This press release is courtesy of The Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center.

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