Philosophy of Travel

Try Something New when Travelling - photo by Michael Dwyer

Try Something New when Travelling – photo by Michael Dwyer

The philosophy of travel is a triad event

Whether you get the travel bug or not, travel is just around the corner. You may not have a trip planned right now, but you never know when you might have to go on the road. You may receive an invite for an out of town affair, work may send you overseas, or you might have to visit a sick loved one. Whichever is the case, you now need to travel.

The Planning Stage

First, you plan the journey by making the travel arrangements: airline tickets, hotel stay, car rental, etc. In addition, you buy guidebooks and maps, update your luggage and travel wardrobe, and arrange the time off work and fit it into your busy schedule. Don’t dismiss the planning as just necessary, as every trip can change your life. Make the planning a mental exercise to prepare for your adventure.

Building Memories

The journey itself is the second part. You have the freedom to leave home. You trust that all will be as you left it. It won’t be. You will have grown and on the return, your home will not look the same, nor should it. Expect the unexpected and understand that any journey is an adventure. Upgrade your life while away from it. Try something new, eat something different and meet the locals. This second part is the details of the experience; absorb the surroundings and the people. Use all five senses to remember where you are.

Find Memories with Photography - photo by Michael Dwyer

Find Memories with Photography – photo by Michael Dwyer

Tell the Story

The third and final part of the philosophy of travel is the return home and the time after. This is where you tell others of your travels and you tell them what you have learned. This is where your home seems different and your life becomes anew. Share pictures and stories with others and relive the journey repeatedly. Only you could have taken this trip, this way. Reflect and continue to grow.

Only after sharing, may you truly understand what your journey was and what it meant to you. It won’t be long before you begin the three-step process again.

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