Pirates and Ghosts of the Caribbean

The Spooky Bahamas

Pirates used Fort Fincastle in Nassau and claims of torture haunt the entire site. Legendary pirate, Captain Blackbeard, is said to have used it as a torture chamber. The small chamber at the fort is extremely eerie and most folks can only stay in there a few seconds. “Sometimes when you walk in there, you are overcome with a feeling that you just want to turn around, and walk right back out” one visitor to the site said.

Captain Blackbeard’s ghost is said to haunt Old Fort Nassau, located at the British Colonial Hilton. Blackbeard, an enormous English sailor turned pirate, terrorized the sea from 1716 to when he died on November 22, 1718. Records of the time call him Edward Teach. He was large, tall, and strong. Blackbeard commanded authority and demanded discipline with his crew. He associated with officials in government, was literate, and entertaining. In the end, he was shot five times, stabbed 20 times, and finally he was decapitated in a fierce battle that concluded his short and furious pirate life.

Also in the Bahamas, visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum. It is an interactive museum celebrating the 30 years of the “golden age of piracy.” Complete with a “pirate pub” to quench your thirst and hunger after a long day of raiding villages and sightseeing. They also have gift shop for all your pirate memorabilia needs.

Near Nassau in Stirrup Cay is the landmark 1863 lighthouse. It requires a hike that some may call a workout, but the views are worth it. There are ruined buildings surrounding the lighthouse and the lighthouse itself is rumored to be haunted. Reports of strange happenings may turn your leisurely hike into a run.

Barbados Adventures

The Chase family crypt in Christchurch once contained the coffins of Col. Thomas Chase, his two daughters, and three others. Chase was extremely cruel to his two young daughters and most everyone else in his life. Every time the crypt was opened, the coffins had been moved about with suggestion of a violent nature. No one can explain this strange and unusual phenomenon. However, it is suggested that even in death, the family could not tolerate one another. Finally, the coffins were removed and buried in separate locations in the cemetery, allowing the family to rest once and for all.

While in Barbados, enjoy an adventure on or below the water. The Jolly Roger is a party ship full of pirates; the fun loving, sun tanning, and drinking “pirate punch” kind. The Jolly Roger is the name given to the traditional pirate flag everyone is familiar with: scull above crossed bones, symbolizing death.

For underwater fun, Barbados has several shipwrecks worth exploring. Carlisle Bay has wonderful SCUBA and snorkeling options to examine what some would call an underwater museum of ships. You may imagine sword battles and cannon fire while swimming throughout the wrecks dreaming of your past life as a pirate. Now, missing your treasure, you may hunt the ocean floor for lost gold coins and other booty.

Eerie Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica was another well known pirate haven and provided safe harbor to notorious pirates like Calico Jack and his two female pirate companions, Anne Boony and Mary Read. Eventually, Port Royal put a stop to aiding pirates and Calico Jack was tried and hung at Gallows Point in 1720.

The White Witch of Jamaica is the name given to Annie Parker. Annie was a short French woman and she married into money. Her husband was a wealthy sugar plantation owner in Montego Bay. She was mean and barked out orders to the slaves of the plantation, often with whip in hand. Her life led to Voodoo and murder. Call it irony, fate or even karma; she was killed by another Voodoo practitioner.

Her spirit still haunts the Great House of Rose Hall. The house is a fantastic example of Colonial architecture (despite its eerie past) and is open for tours. The retelling of Annie’s murderous ways may be too much for young children, but if you are a ghost hunter, this is one spooky place in Jamaica.

What Type of Ghost Hunter are you?

There are three types of ghost hunters that are out there. The first is the thrill seeker looking for something weird out there that can give them an adrenaline boost. The next is the serious field investigator, the type of person with their own ghost hunting equipment. They just want to collect as much of the field data as possible to go into their own database. Finally you have the psychic types, who are looking for a greater spiritual meaning in life. And of course, each of these groups brings companions with them that are just looking for a fun and exciting vacation.

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