Police need help identifying man involved in four incidents

The Troy Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office need your help identifying a suspicious man, who has been involved in four reported incidents recently.

The man in all four cases is described as a 20-22-year-old, of Middle Eastern descent, between 5 foot and 9 inches to 6 feet in height with a thin build, wavy dark hair and a scratch or scar on his cheek. The witnesses described him as wearing a black North Face jacket, black jogging pants with a white stripe and white shoes. He was also seen driving a two-door red sports car with lots of chrome detail and tinted windows.

Anyone with information on this man, please call the anonymous tip line at 248-524-0777.

Anyone with information on this man, please call the Troy Police anonymous tip line at 248-524-0777.

All four incidents, found below, occurred in the late morning or early afternoon.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, Troy Police learned of a suspicious male subject who knocked on the door of a home in Troy and asked the female resident if her parents were home.  He then walked off and returned five minutes later, at which time he unlawfully entered the home.  When confronted by the resident, the subject asked to use the restroom.  He stayed for a few seconds, walked back outside and walked off.

On Friday, Oct. 25, another female Troy resident reported that a male subject knocked on her front door and asked for directions to Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills.  The resident gave him directions.  The subject then asked to use her bathroom, but the resident denied him.  He walked off and left in his vehicle, which was described as a bright red, two-door sports car with lots of chrome details and tinted windows.

Reports from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office:

Less than two hours later, a woman exercising in Bloomer Park was approached by a male subject who asked for directions out of the park. The victim began to guide him, at which time the subject grabbed her and threw her to the ground.  The victim fought back and the subject fled.

On the same morning, a second woman at Bloomer Park was also approached by a suspicious male subject who asked her for directions.  He later chased her down as she was jogging on a trail and asked her where she parked.  The woman was concerned and fled from the subject.

If you have any information about the man in the sketch above, please call the Troy Police anonymous tip line at 248-524-0777.

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