Proposed Development on the Rochester Elevator Site

From Rumor to Conception

At the August 1, 2016 Meeting of the Rochester Planning Commission, conceptual discussions were held regarding the redevelopment of the Rochester Elevator site at 303 E. University Drive. The redevelopment proposal includes 42 condominium units and the relocation of the Elevator building.

The Rochester Elevator Location May Soon Be Condos - photo by Michael Dwyer

The Rochester Elevator Location May Soon Be Condos – photo by Michael Dwyer

The topic will be discussed further at the Rochester City Council Meeting on Monday, August 8, 2016, 7:00 pm at the Rochester Municipal Building. It should be noted that the City of Rochester does not own the property at 303 E. University or the Elevator building.

Rochester Media had a chance to talk with the folks at the Rochester Elevator a couple weeks ago. We were informed that the last time a deal was in the works, it fell through. And, while a sale of the property is sure to happen, nothing should happen until after winter according to the staff of the elevator.

Read the Community Edge report, Condos to Replace Rochester Elevator Location, from March.

To stay up-to-date on this topic, please visit The City will keep this official web page updated and provide facts, dates of future meetings and other helpful links.


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  1. Vicki Smith says

    That is a stupid idea. Why add more traffic and congestion to a street and corner that are a danger to cars and people now.
    Any other thing to take away Rochester’s dwindling charm and get on the Money driven “development” bandwagon. What is being developed for those of us that live here now?

  2. Nancy Kraft says

    I do NOT think this is a excellent idea. A realestate friend of mine had access to my phone and put in this comment.
    I was born and raised in Rochester and hate to see “old” Rochester taken away from us.

  3. Brian Dunphy says

    The Rochester-Avon Historical Society has been working to preserve this historic building for more than 10 years. To learn more about our activities and programs, please visit our FB page,, or our website,

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