Protect Pets from Fireworks this Holiday Weekend

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Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center advises pet owners and neighbors to be mindful of the impact fireworks have on pets over the 4th of July period. Fireworks can scare and stress pets, especially dogs.

The shelter often sees an influx of stray dogs this time of year due to fireworks. Some dogs may whine and while others may hide. When they are left outside during fireworks, however, some dogs will run away and may end up at a shelter.

Here are some tips from Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center to help pets make it through a night of fireworks:

  • Try to calm the pet with a soothing voice.
  • Sometimes soothing music can help.
  • Running a fan to drown out the noise can also be effective.
  • Do not leave a pet outside unattended if they are afraid of fireworks.

If a pet runs away during the Fourth of July festivities, check the local animal shelter. Dogs should always wear an up-to-date dog license and ID tag. Microcipping is another great way to ensure a pet will be returned to its owner.

If a pet’s anxiety with loud noises or fireworks becomes unmanageable, consult a veterinarian.


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