And Then Some

“You’re fired!” Those words have been quoted regularly since 2004 as individuals mimic Donald Trump. Basically, it is just three words. You are fired! However, those three words are life-changing, life-altering words for many people. Three words can break a groomed professional.

“I love you!” Again, just three words, but so much more. Three words that everyone needs to hear. Those simple words hold hope and promise. In addition, it should be noted that the opposite expression, “I hate you,” also holds heart-wrenching power.

This book is about three words. Three words. Just three words. Three one-syllable words. Words that can and should change the course of one’s life.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary Christian lies in just three words: And Then Some.Buy the paperback today! Click the PayPal button below.

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And Then Some by Dr. Randy T Johnson


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