RCOC thanks Orion Township for contribution to road maintenance

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) today expressed its appreciation to Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett and the Township Board of Trustees for recognizing the road-funding dilemma and authorizing the use of $50,000 of township funds to help maintain roads in the township.

The action was taken at the township’s regular Board meeting Monday night, March 17. At the meeting, RCOC Board Member Eric Wilson, a township resident, and RCOC Managing Director Dennis Kolar appeared before the Board to discuss road issues.

After the discussion with Wilson and Kolar, the Board voted to spend the $50,000 for the placement of additional gravel on some gravel roads and to help pay for pothole patching within the township.

“We are very grateful that Supervisor Barnett and the Township Board recognizes the financial challenges the Road Commission is facing,” Wilson said. “Their willingness to help underwrite our efforts to address the roads within their community is greatly appreciated and clearly demonstrates the level of partnership we have with the township and their understanding of Michigan’s ongoing road-funding crisis.”

Locations where the additional gravel will be placed will be selected by the township.

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