RCOC Updates Real-Time Traffic Map on Website with User-Friendly Features

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) has updated the interactive Real-Time Traffic Map on its website with new and improved user-friendly features.

The map legend is located on the right side of the map. Clicking the box next to each feature will activate that layer of the map

The map legend is located on the right side of the map.
Clicking the box next to each feature will activate that layer of the map.

The map uses RCOC’s high-tech FAST-TRAC traffic-signal system to capture and display real-time traffic congestion information for most primary roads in the county. It also includes real-time congestion information for freeways in the county provided by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Commuters can now select the preferred method to view the map in either the RCOC or Google format. The new updated map is also larger with transparent overlays making the features easier to view and it downloads more quickly to a computer or smart phone.

The map colors used to indicate congestion levels on MDOT and RCOC roads have been made bolder as well. RCOC construction projects are also better defined on the map, indicated by an orange triangle. Clicking on the triangle icons provides information about the project.

The interactive map connects with MDOT traffic cameras, changeable message signs and construction alerts. The MDOT cameras provide real-time video and traffic data.

The message-sign feature allows motorists to view updated information on lane closures, travel times, notification of possible road closures due to accidents and weather-related travel information. MDOT construction projects are indicated with an orange barrel, which links to information about the projects.

“The Road Commission knows our society is technology driven, and real-time information benefits commuters as they look for road issues in order to make travel more efficient,” RCOC Managing Director Dennis Kolar explained. “This map is an ideal tool to use to identify potential issues affecting travel time, such as construction zones in the summer and weather-related issues during the winter. This is a one-stop shop for all of your Oakland County travel information needs.”

To view the map, visit: www2.RCOCWeb.org/TrafficWebNT/Index.html

RCOC’s FAST-TRAC is a system of fully adaptive traffic signals, meaning the signals monitor traffic flow and congestion levels and adjust signal timing in real time to best accommodate the traffic present at every moment.

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