Reader offers ‘smart’ critique of Rochester Hills

The Detroit News

Re: Bryan K. Barnett’s March 19 letter, “Mayor responds to Madonna”: It was interesting to read Rochester Hills mayor Bryan Barnett’s rebuttal to the recent Madonna comments on her hometown.

(Photo: Steve Perez / The Detroit News)

(Photo: Steve Perez / The Detroit News)

Respecting what Madonna says about her upbringing in Rochester, circa 1975, let the good mayor not forget the plight of James Robertson, ‘The Walking Man,’ who couldn’t count on SMART bus service to get to work.

This is an issue of high importance that Mayor Barnett should be addressing front and center, and one that will not go away. But he’s mute on the subject.

If Mayor Barnett really cared about diversity in Rochester Hills, he would support SMART bus service.

Barnett needs to speak up on this issue.

Madonna can then send a small violin to Mayor Barnett because he represents a city that fails to provide SMART bus service to workers who are stuck in lower paid jobs.

Kenneth Hreha, Dryden


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