Real Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up in just a few short days. I hope you have great plans to honor your mother as well as the mother of your children. If you’re looking for last minute ideas then this article won’t help you, although I hope it inspires you to honor all mothers everywhere at any point in time.

I was recently asked what my most memorable Mother’s Day gift has been and I honestly didn’t have an answer. I may stand alone on this (I don’t think so) but for me it’s the little things, the gifts/gestures/words, that I’m given all year-round by both people I know and complete strangers. It’s being given that extra hand that all moms wish they had that means the most.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • These daffodils that my son gave me yesterday. This is the second year in a row Daffodilsthat he has picked literally the only flowers that bloom in our yard the week of Mother’s Day! Love him.
  • The cashier at Target that drums her fingernails on the counter to distract my acrobatic daughter so I can checkout without anyone getting a concussion.
  • The older gentleman at the cafe who said to my son (who was acting up), “You better listen to your mother.” That meant so much to me because he had faith that whatever I was trying to get my son to do was a good thing.
  • The couple in front of me in line at the grocery store who loaded my groceries onto the belt for me.
  • Another customer who put a lid on my to-go coffee cup for me because I only had one hand free.
  • Every person who has said to me while my child is throwing a temper tantrum in public, “Been there. Don’t worry, this stage passes quickly.”
  • The other passengers on our last family airplane ride who waved to my kids and played peek-a-boo gave me just a few minutes to breath.

So you see, it’s perfectly wonderful to honor the mothers in your life on Mother’s Day, but don’t forget we have a whole world of mothers who need encouragement and an extra hand all year long. It’s these acts from others that lift us up and push us forward. Being kind to others only creates more kindness. You hold the power to lift up moms all around you. The opportunities are there, you just have to open your eyes to them. Helping another mom will not only be uplifting for her, but will make your own mother proud!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and to those women who long to be moms. You are loved and I appreciate all you do.

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