Record Numbers at the 2012 Rochester Writers Conference

Success, Five Years in a Row

The 2012 Rochester Writers’ Conference has had more attendees every year since it began in 2008. Originally held at Rochester College, organizers moved the event to Oakland University in 2010. Attendees, presenters and volunteers made up the 100 plus writers networking at the one-day conference on October 20th.

“I really enjoyed it all,” states Vicki Wilke, returning attendee, “I learned a lot from Lisa Howard, the keynote (Stan Williams), Christine Rhein and John D. Lamb.”

New and Working Writers

The people attending the annual event were evenly split between new and working writers. Many new writers attend for the networking benefit, as well as the professional development. Working writers attend to make new connections, keep up on trends and socialize with colleagues.

“When I first attended the 2nd annual Rochester Writers’ Conference in 2009, I had only written for a company newsletter, and attending the conference was definitely a step in the right direction for me. I have attended every conference since that year and each and every time I get meaningful, current, and relevant information that I can use to further my writing career. I presently enjoy writing freelance articles for various publications and have been moving closer to my dream of writing a book. Networking and learning from successful professionals with experience has made a tremendous difference in my ability to navigate the world of writing. I would recommend this to writers at all levels.” Sonya Julie

Keynote Speaker a Hit

Stan Williams Ph.D. in Communications – Film Studies received very good reviews discussing the Moral Premise of story telling. From novel to film, and from fiction to non-fiction, the moral of the story is the fiber that connects the work to the audience.

“I had a fantastic time at the Rochester Writer’s Conference!” explains Diana Kathryn Plopa. She continues about Dr. Williams, “Great workshops and a Master Class at lunchtime.”

New this Year

Conference attendees get a treat this year, free entry into the new Rochester Writers’ writing contest. Rochester Media is sponsoring the contest and will have naming rights to the best of show.

The contest is open to everyone whether they attended the conference or not. Entry details are available at the conference website.

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