Regional Transit Authority Master Plan Summary with VIDEO

The Master Plan

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) announced its extensive master plan to connect Southeast Michigan. One of the goals is to link 310 schools, 23 colleges, 22 hospitals, and 47 libraries via their signature slogan: Rapid, Reliable, Regional transit connections. Here’s the map:



RAPID:  To get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently, with more frequent and faster service.

RELIABLE:  To get you where you need to go on time, without wondering when or if a bus will come.

REGIONAL:  To get you to the places you want to go throughout Southeast Michigan via a seamless, coordinated system – whether it’s to work, home, school, shopping or entertainment.

Here’s the Timeline of the Plan


  • Express service on Woodward Ave and Gratiot Ave (Pre-BRT)
  • Paratransit / Mobility Management
  • Detroit-DTW Airport Express


  • 8 Mile Rd Cross-County Connector
  • 12 Mile Rd East Cross-County Connector
  • 12 Mile Rd West Cross-County Connector
  • Grand River Ave Cross-County Connector
  • Greenfield Rd Cross-County Connector
  • Utica – Mt. Clemens Local Service
  • Ann Arbor – Canton Commuter Express
  • Ann Arbor – Livonia Commuter Express
  • Michigan Ave (Pre-BRT)


  • 9 Mile Rd Cross-County Connector
  • Fort Rd / Eureka Rd Cross-County Connector
  • Van Dyke Rd Cross-County Connector
  • Middlebelt Rd Local Service
  • Ford Rd Local Service
  • I-75 Commuter Express
  • M-59 Commuter Express


  • 15 Mile Rd Cross-County Connector
  • Jefferson Ave Cross-County Connector
  • Rochester Local Service
  • Northville – Southfield Local Service


  • Oakland – DTW Airport Express
  • Macomb – DTW Airport Express
  • Highland Rd / White Lake Local Service
  • Groesbeck Hwy Local Service
  • Plymouth Rd Cross-County Connector


  • Woodward Ave BRT
  • Detroit – Ann Arbor Regional Rail


  • Gratiot Ave BRT


  • M1-RAIL (RTA takeover of QLINE streetcar)


  • Michigan Ave BRT
  • Washtenaw Ave BRT

Visit the RTA website for more details


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  1. Did I miss something? I sure don’t see anything on this list that will benefit the Rochester area.
    I’m definitely a ‘NO’ vote in November.
    BTW, do you really think that they can do all of this with 1.1 mills? The first millage just draws people into something that they can never get out of.
    The train to nowhere is included for Ann Arbor which is probably the reason they are suddenly included in our region. Do they pay a zoo tax? NO. Do they pay an art tax to the DIA? NO. Ann Arbor just wants our tax dollars for their train to nowhere. And, we’ve already put a fortune into refurbishing OLD LEASED RR CARS for a half million $$$ each that we no longer have sitting in a RR yard. The lease was terminated with the chance of little or no reimbursement to the State if they are sold.
    That money should have gone into roads.

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