Rep. Jacobsen’s Early Warning Bill Heads to Governor

In a press release statement it was announced that State Representative Brad Jacobsen, R-Oxford, recently sponsored legislation to ensure greater access to loan options for struggling school districts looking to improve their financial situation.

The addition of Rep. Jacobsen’s House Bill 4331 played a significant role in the passage of the early warning bill package approved Tuesday by the Senate.

“I am very excited to see HB 4331 headed to the governor’s desk,” Rep. Jacobsen said. “My colleagues and I have worked very hard on this entire package in order to implement an effective system to identify and assist school districts in financial need.

“The early warning bills are aimed at doing just that. We want to be proactive in flagging endangered schools on brink of deficit, and afford them the opportunity of financial improvement. These bills provide more options and avenues for schools to obtain loans, while allowing the conversations of a separate remedy for Detroit Public Schools to continue between the Legislature and the Governor,” Rep. Jacobsen said.

“We are improving on a system that many agree is not sufficient in assisting and ensuring schools that are in danger of going into deficit are able to heading down that path.”

Rep. Jacobsen said this legislation is important to the future of education in Michigan.

“We are securing our next generation’s future by providing the necessary resources to secure the proper learning environment to gain a world-class education of which each and every Michigan student is capable and deserving.”

The early warning bill package, HBs 4325 through 4332, heads to the governor for his consideration.


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