Rep. McMillin available for Emergency Manager comments in support

Rochester Hills, MI – Rep. Tom McMillin¬†supports Michigan’s newly strengthened Emergency Manager law. McMillin was the only state representative to co-sponsor Rep. Pscholka’s bills that were signed into law March 16, 2011. Some liberals are trying to repeal the law through initiative.

McMillin said, “Benton Harbor looks like it will be the first of many successes from the new Emergency Manager law. While, according to the US Census Bureau, Michigan’s average household lost 23.1% of its income in the last decade, many cities were not even tightening their belts.”

McMillin concluded, “Some deeply financially troubled cities require an appropriately empowered Emergency Manager to come in, clean things up, get the ship righted and turn it back over to the citizens. Other cities that are in financial trouble will hopefully use some of the tools from the new law to avoid needing an EM. Still other cities are just making a few tough decisions that had been put off, in order to avoid an EM. Detroit is a good example. When is the last time you saw a Detroit City Council and it’s Mayor trying to outdo themselves in budget cutting? That fresh breeze of financial responsibility is directly due to the new, stronger EM law.”

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