Representative Tom McMillin announces candidacy for Michigan State Senate

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Today, State Representative Tom McMillin announced his candidacy for Michigan’s 13th State Senate District via YouTube video. To watch, click here.

“Over the years, I have been out front in the fight against President Obama and Former Governor Granholm’s failed spend-and-tax policies that were wrong for Michigan families” said Tom McMillin, a Certified Public Accountant and third term State Representative serving Rochester, Rochester Hills and part of Oakland Township. “As a career CPA and fiscal conservative, I firmly believe government must do what every hardworking taxpayer has been forced to do by this economy – government must face reality, do a better job of prioritizing, and be held more accountable for every dollar it spends.”

TomMccropFor 23 years, Tom McMillin has been a CPA and local small business owner. Before his election to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2008, Tom served as an Oakland County Commissioner, and he sat on the Auburn Hills City Council, including 2 years as Mayor. Tom currently lives in Rochester Hills with his wife, Dalila and daughters Anna and Leah.

A leading voice for conservatives in the Michigan House of Representatives, McMillin is leading the charge to protect local control of schools by opposing the national Common Core curriculum standards, and he recently introduced legislation aimed at protecting the privacy of law abiding citizens by limiting the government’s use of domestic drones.

“We’ve worked hard to put Michigan back on the right track. In Lansing, we cut wasteful spending, balanced the state budget early 3 years in a row for the first time in history, and we created an environment that makes it easier for local small businesses to create more opportunities and create more good paying jobs. I’m running for State Senate because there’s more work to be done. Too many people are still looking for work and our personal freedoms are continuously under attack. We need better leadership that protects taxpayers and helps hardworking families get ahead,” concluded McMillin.

The 13th State Senate District includes the cities of Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy.

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  1. Rochester Mom says

    Interesting, he raises taxes on families and
    Seniors, he talks about personal freedoms yet voted to have the government to force women into medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds, he is a wacko conspiracy theorist who thinks agenda 21, common core, and transgendered men are coming to get us. I am voting for Chuck Moss!

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