Resident opinion- Let Trip Brennan finish out his Dad’s term in office

Trip Brennan knows what it takes to sit on Rochester Hills City Council… having served on our Rochester Hills Government Youth Council (RHGYC). I and many residents in Rochester Hills have seen Trip Brennan in action… he’s quite good and would do a excellent job filling that seat October 17th, 2011. Trip Brennan would only be allowed this one historic night; a new Rochester Hills City Council District 2 Representative will fill the position after the November 7th, 2011 election. As a former Rochester Hills City Council member I can’t think of a bigger gift to extend to the Brennan family than this suggestion… to let Trip Brennan finish out his fathers term. Can this actually happen… yes. First Trip Brennan got to be up for the job… and let’s hope his residency is still in Rochester Hills. Second we all have to understand this would not be honorary fill in either… that night Trip Brennan would have the same City Council powers his father had. As a former RH President this would not be that complicated to pull off. At the very beginning of the meeting (there still may be time to even put this on the agenda)… Greg Hooper: Council President may have to bend a few rules… this time so what. All Greg Hooper needs is a simple motion by one of his fellow council members. A motion to appoint Trip Brennan to fill the remainder of the term, a second to the motion, a City Council yes vote… and the City Clerk there to swear Trip Brennan in. What a great honor for our City and Trip Brennan, what a great night… if I were still on City Council I would let Trip Brennan make all the remaining motions that night. P.S. there’s still plenty of time for Trip Brennan to go over the material by October 17th, 2011.

Scot Beaton

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