Residents advised not to put hazardous waste from flooding out with the trash

In light of the continued clean up resulting from the Aug. 11 storms, the Oakland County Health and Homeland Security divisions issued a press release advising residents who need to dispose of household hazardous waste not to place these products at the curb. Regular and bulk trash pick-ups will not take them. Rather, residents should contact their local waste recovery service in order to make an appointment to drop off household hazardous waste at a designated facility or to find out about upcoming collection opportunities.

Household hazardous waste is the unwanted or unusable portion of products that contain substances that can be harmful to human health and the environment. A hazardous product may be toxic, flammable, corrosive, reactive or any combination of these. Look for words such as danger, warning or caution on the product label. Household hazardous waste includes but is not limited to items such as paint, motor oil, chlorine and ammonia.
“It is vital to the health of our residents that they dispose of hazardous household products ruined by the flood in a proper way at a designated facility,” County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said.

Residents of Berkley, Clawson, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak and Troy may call SOCRRA at 248-288-5150 to make an appointment to drop off their household hazardous waste. Because its anticipated there will be a high volume of calls, residents should expect appointments to fill up quickly.
Southfield residents may call the Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County (RRRASOC) at 248- 208-2270 to find out when the next household hazardous waste drop-off event is.

Those who live in Madison Heights may call Environmental Quality (E.Q.) of Detroit, Inc., at 313-923- 2240.

For more information about household hazardous waste and how to dispose of it, go to and click on the “Household Hazardous Waste” button.

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