Staying in Peak Physical Condition without Medical Intervention

Shelby Township (February 20th 2013) —Drs. Ed and Sandie Mccuiston are hosting an open health workshop to show patients and their guests how to adopt a fun, healthy lifestyle that can add decades to their lives. This one-of-a-kind workshop will take place at Touch of Life on March 18th 2013, at 6:45pm.

The event entitled, “Living to 100” shows how Americans can learn from the daily habits of some of the world’s healthiest cultures. Aging does not have to entail prescription drug reliance and debilitating health conditions. This life-changing event aims to help people:

–          Understand how an active, determined mindset is crucial to increased longevity.

–          Discover why maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add decades to their lives.

–          Bypass obesity, type 2 diabetes and other epidemics through common-sense nutrition.

–          Improve their quality of life today by avoiding common environmental toxins.

According to the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, Americans suffer from more diseases and are in worse health than most other wealthy nations. Drs. Ed and Sandie are hosting this public wellness event to show that proactive, maintenance care helps people stay active, feel happier and live long, productive lives.

The United States is less healthy than other wealthy countries despite spending significantly more money on health care,” said Dr. Ben Lerner, co-founder of Maximized Living. “We can change that fact by observing other, healthier cultures, and learning from their habits to make smarter choices for ourselves.”

For more information about the March workshop, visit or call Melissa at 586-532-5433.

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Maximized Living is a comprehensive health delivery system utilized by a network of hundreds of chiropractors and associated health care leaders. These doctors incorporate the 5 Essentials™ to identify root causes of health issues, remove interference and allow patients to build health, rather than mask or treat problems with medications and surgery. 

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