Road Commission for Oakland County receives CRAMmy award

The County Road Association of Michigan presented awards for best practices in county road agency operations and outstanding public relation initiatives at their 2014 Annual Highway Conference.

“This year’s award recipients raised the bar for innovative and effective practices and showed great imagination in their public relation tactics,” said Denise Donohue, Association director. “These county road agencies have gone above and beyond to make their operations efficient, inventive and professional.”

The CRAMmy Awards were created to share successful communication and public relations techniques among the 83 county road agencies, and is awarded to counties that demonstrate creativity and success in providing information to the public. This year, five best practice awards were presented along with three CRAMmy Awards for public relations to seven different road agencies.

“Our county road agencies face a variety of new challenges every day, and each county nominated for an award showed thoughtful planning, creativity and a devotion to stretching their resources,” Donohue said. “We applaud their efforts to improve practices and better serve their communities.”

 In 2013, the Road Commission for Oakland County desired an opportunity to discuss “big picture” issues with local leaders and created the opportunity by updating their county strategic plan. After arranging meetings with each community’s leaders, RCOC staff created two documents- a broad overview of the county’s standings and a personalized review of discussion from each local meeting. These documents were distributed to community leaders, local government, libraries, schools and the media. Feedback on the reports was positive and community leaders commented they appreciated the issues being discussed directly and concisely. The report drove home the point that “now is the time” to increase road funding.

The County Road Association of Michigan represents the interests of Michigan’s 83 county road agencies that collectively manage more than 75 percent of all roads in Michigan – more than 90,000 miles and the fourth largest local roads system in the nation.

The content is this press release was provided by the County Road Association of Michigan, headquartered in Lansing.

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