Road Commission Seeking Input on Avon/Dequindre Corridor Project

Avon Road Corridor Improvement Plan

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC), in partnership with the Macomb County Department of Roads, the cities of Rochester and Rochester Hills and Shelby Township, is seeking public input on a proposed plan to improve the Avon Road/Dequindre Road corridor between The Avon/Dequindre intersection and the 23 Mile Road/Dequindre intersection on the Oakland County/Macomb County border.

The road improvement will include:

  • A roundabout at the Avon/Dequindre intersection,
  • Replacement of the Avon Road bridge over the Clinton River just east of the Avon/Dequindre intersection,
  • A roundabout at the Avon/Dequindre/23 Mile intersection and
  • Widening the road between the two intersections to three lanes with a continuous center, left-turn lane.

The project is intended to address traffic congestion, safety concerns and pedestrian accessibility in the area while minimizing impact historic and natural features in the area. The Yates Cider Mill and three local parks are located within the project area.

Avon Road Corridor Improvement Plan

Details and drawings/diagrams for the proposed project are available at the Avon Road Corridor Improvement Plan Page on the RCOC website.

Comments or questions about the project can be submitted to RCOC until October 16 via e-mail at

The Avon/Dequindre roundabout is expected to be constructed in late 2021 and 2022 with utility relocation taking place in 2021. A schedule for the remaining items in the project has not yet been established. Also during the project, the Great Lakes Water Authority expects to replace a water main in the project area.

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  1. Kathy Warriner says

    Please, no round abouts. Seniors And foreigners have so much trouble with it and young people think they are race courses.
    Instead, have a pedestrian bridge Over the road.
    3 lanes is good too.
    Timing of the lights could work better.
    Please no roundabouts, people coming on Avon will be penalized.

    • Nancy Young says

      Im a senio rand love them, ; however City of Rochester Hills could create a video for ALL drivers to see. Access could be made through for drivers and announced on the city’s website.

  2. Theresa Olszewski says

    Without traffic lights, there will be one line of vehicles driving east on Avon causing more traffic jams and more problems. I have not spoken to one person who approves of any of the roundabouts put in place this far. I have witnessed lines of vehicles one after the other going right through the roundabout at Livernois and Hamlin Road thus backing up the north and south bound lanes that are not permitted to enter.

    • Ben Schmittdiel says

      That’s how it’s supposed to work, and I would say both the Livernois roundabouts have been pretty effective.

  3. Dear Crabby says

    I hate roundabouts!

  4. 2 roundabouts in this congested area?! Yikes! Please don’t do it!

  5. Nancy Young says

    Could DEAR CRABBY create an instruction for driving through roundabouts?

  6. Younger Nancy says

    I completely agree. I want to see that roundabouts driving instruction.

  7. David Phillips says

    Roundabouts are NOT the Answer – Because People Do Not Use them Correctly. Livernois and Adams is Always backed – up Adams traffic Never Stops or Slows for Livernois – So ? Oakland County Road Commission – Keeps trying to Pass the Buck – on Roundabouts and Has Public input – But Always Does as ”They” Please – Adams and Delta Kelly School – as an Example. Where as a Traffic Light would have been a Better Choice. More Thought Needs to Happen – Before Action and Waisting Taxpayer Money. Just My Thoughts and 2 Cents.

  8. Margaret Ashworth says

    Put in a large parking lot across the street from Rochester Estates and make sidewalks for people to walk safely to the cider mill also slow the speed limit to 25 not 40

  9. Beverly A Billington says

    VERY PRO ROUNDABOUT at the young age of almost 73.

  10. Roundabout Lover says

    Roundabouts are awesome. And these intersections are a disaster, this will be a huge improvement. I hope the minority who don’t understand how to use them and don’t understand the significant safety benefit don’t kill this project. That would be a shame.

  11. Rick Martin says

    Roundabouts only work if they are big enough! The little ones don’t work because vehicles are too close together which makes it harder to merge. I agree something has to be done at 23 mile/Dequindre/Avon. Just make the roundabout BIGGER..

  12. Donna Ellis says

    NO ROUND ABOUTS! I have a list of where they ate and i don’t ho that way. They serve no purpose.

  13. Some British Guy says

    Roundabouts are indeed awesome. Americans are just not used to them, but Europeans have been using them for ages. Believe me, it took *me* a while to get used to 4-way stop signs over here. The roundabouts on Livernois have greatly improved traffic flow, & these proposed upgrades sound like a great enhancement while still fitting with the overall structure of the area.

  14. Love my roundabouts. Flow of traffic is greatly improved and I always save time during lower traffic volumes because I don’t have to waste my time sitting at a useless traffic light. State of Michigan should post some info / videos on how to use one. Also could be helpful to add an info sheet from Secretary of State when renewing licence and/or tabs. I use many different roundabouts in the course of my week and have never had a problem. Not to say I haven’t had to give a gentle tap of my horn on occasion????

  15. Susan Hitchcock says

    Do away with the current Dequindre/Avon intersection and move it further up Avon away from the river/bridge. Yes, there is a hill there…but that can be dealt with. Put the roundabout up there. Separate the two intersections.

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