Rochester Calls on Citizens to Help Chart the Future

 As the City of Rochester embarks on the process of writing a Master Plan
Update, it is asking its residents, business owners, students, seniors and all other members of
the community to join in a Community Visioning session on Thursday, October 27th, 2011,
at the Community House, 816 Ludlow Drive, to discuss and help create a new vision for
Rochester. Designed to be highly-interactive, engaging and fun, the session will provide
residents the opportunity to help chart the course for the City’s future while also learning
about current trends and changes in the community. The session will begin at 6:30 pm and
last approximately 2 hours.
“For those who love Rochester just as it is or for those who envision it becoming even
better, this is your chance to come share your ideas, concerns, questions and opinions,” said
City Manager Jaymes Vettraino. “The City’s goal is to have as many people as possible
participate in the meeting to ensure the future of our city is reflective of the people who live,
work and do business here.”
The Community Visioning Session is the first major step in the City’s Master Plan Update
process, which will culminate with the publication of a vision, guidelines, ideas and strategies
for the City. As the policy guide for Rochester’s long-term growth and development, the
Master Plan Update will influence future decision-making on development, infrastructure,
budgeting and natural resource protection, among many other topics. Because of the
importance of this document to so many facets of community life, public officials are urging
members of the public to come voice their opinions.
TELEPHONE (248) 651-9061
FAX (248) 651-2624
City of Rochester
“We believe this will be an engaging and exciting night for those who come out to
participate in this very important process,” said Nik Banda, Economic Development
Director for the City of Rochester. “Growth is going to continue to happen, and our Master
Plan will be the tool we use to manage and direct that growth in a manner that is acceptable
for our residents and business owners. We need to know what they think so that the Plan
best represents their vision for Rochester.”
The Visioning Session will include a brief presentation by the City’s planning consulting
firm, McKenna Associates, to provide background on recent activity, changes,
improvements, etc. within the City. This will be followed by a series of interactive exercises
and activities, including a mapping exercise, designed to draw ideas and insights from
members of the public.
John Jackson, AICP, LEED, GA, and Executive Vice President with McKenna Associates,
and Vidya Krishnan, Senior Planner with McKenna Associates and Planning Consultant to
the City, will facilitate the Visioning Session.
The session will be held at the Community House, 816 Ludlow Drive. Participants need not
call ahead of time and can submit questions through the City’s website at

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