Rochester City Council had a Busy Night

Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem Swap Titles

Each November the Rochester City Council vote amongst themselves to decide who will serve as mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Former Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Cuthbertson is now Mayor and former Mayor Stuart Bikson is now Mayor Pro Tem. Each serves one year with their respective title. Both Cuthbertson and Bikson were re-elected in the general election on November 5. Rob Ray was welcomed as the newest council member.

Several items, including considerations of Mayoral appointments, reports and regular business, filled the agenda Monday evening. Most of the night was devoted to the Mill Town Apartment project that would move the Clinton River Trail with a land-swap and construct 18 new buildings.

Artist Rendering of Mill Town Apartments in Downtown Rochester

Artist Rendering of Mill Town Apartments in Downtown Rochester

Mill Town Apartments Project is a Go

Taking the recommendation of the planning commission, the new Rochester City Council voted unanimously to accept the River Place Apartments at the Mill Town Development. One-hundred and thirty-one new apartments will go in between the Clinton River & 2nd Street, and between the Paint Creek & Mill Street.

Eighteen buildings, 16-acres and one land-swap will create this new development that most are happy with. A half-dozen or so local residents voiced their concerns with the project. The one hurdle most had in accepting the project completely was the construction of a building that would limit view from the Mill Race Condominium complex on Mill Street. Currently, residents of the Mill Race Condos can look south at the Clinton River Trail, the Clinton River, and the natural foliage along the river.

Mill Town Apartments to go in Downtown Rochester

Mill Town Apartments to go in Downtown Rochester

After hearing complaints at last week’s special planning commission meeting, the Soave Real Estate Group submitted an updated plan that would tweak the view a bit but leave the building in question within the condominiums view. The developer has indicated that those buildings between the Mill Race Condominiums and the Clinton River will be the nicest decorated and landscaped of the entire project.

Mayor Cuthbertson said the Mill Town development “represents a great step forward,” and “it isn’t perfect, but it is excellent.”

“I would like to thank Mayor Cuthbertson and the Rochester City Council as well as the Planning Commission for the vote of approval on our much anticipated project. The Soave Real Estate Group is looking forward to building this project in a unique area of downtown Rochester. The location of the property on the Paint Creek and Clinton River as well as the Paint Creek and Clinton River Trails offers a residential setting unlike any other in the area. River Place at Mill Town Apartments will offer Rochester a high end rental option just a short walk from Main Street with tremendous recreational opportunities out their back doors.” ~Tom Turnbull of the Soave Real Estate Group

Clinton River Trail enthusiasts will be relieved that the new Clinton River Trail will be constructed as part of the first phase of the development. Once the new trail through the development is open and satisfies the stakeholders of the trail, the current trail will be removed and construction will begin on the 18 luxury apartments.

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