Rochester Community Schools Board of Education Selects New Member

It was announced today that Kevin Beers was selected by the Board of Education of the Rochester Community School District to fill the vacant trustee position during the August 24 meeting. The term for the trustee appointment will continue through December 31, 2016.

Jennifer Berwick welcomes Kevin Beers Photo credit:  RCS Community Relations

Jennifer Berwick welcomes Kevin Beers
Photo credit: RCS Community Relations

“I am honored to be joining such a high-functioning team and to be selected to serve our school community,” said Beers. “My commitment to the district and the greater good will remain a guiding principle.”

Beers, a previous educator, is an 11-year resident of the Rochester area and currently has four children enrolled in the school district. “I have a vested interest in the success and prosperity of the organization,” said Beers. “This role provides an opportunity to make a difference.”

Board President Jennifer Berwick issued the Oath of Office to Beers.

“We are thrilled to have Kevin join our team,” said Berwick. “Accepting the board position is truly an opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations.”

The Board of Education followed the Revised School Code and Michigan Election Law in appointing an eligible candidate to fill the trustee position. Twelve candidates initially interviewed at the special board meeting on August 17. Four individuals were selected to return for further discussion at the August 24 annual meeting.

Following the appointment of Beers to the trustee position, board members took the opportunity to thank the candidates for their willingness to dedicate their time and talents for the good of the school district. “This really was a tough decision. I was impressed with all the candidates, your involvement in your child’s education and in the school district,” said Board Secretary Mike Zabat. “What came out of the interviews is [that] you all want what’s best for the kids and… ultimately that’s what’s best for the community.”

Board Vice President Beth Talbert urged the candidates to consider running for future board positions. “We’re going to have a number of seats open in our next election,” said Talbert. “There’s some outstanding thinking and candidates in this room, and so if [the position is of] interest, I would encourage you to reach out and give it some thought.”

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