Rochester Community Schools Foundation Names Pino Agency Excellence in Education Award Winners

The Rochester Community Schools Foundation announced in a press release that it has named Erika Lusky and Amy Consentino as the 2013-14 Pino Agency Excellence in Education award winners. Both individuals were honored in their schools at a special surprise ceremony in April and at the Rochester Community Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, May 12, 2014.

The Pino Excellence in Education award is funded by a $3,000 donation from John and Marie Pino of the MEEMIC Insurance, Pino Agency in Rochester. This year’s recipients will each receive a $1,500 grant to purchase materials or services to enhance a classroom, curriculum or facility.

(L-R) John Pino, Erika Lusky, Lisa Nowak

(L-R) John Pino, Erika Lusky, Lisa Nowak

This year, both recipients are special education teachers in the district. Mrs. Lusky is a speech pathologist at West, Hart and Reuther Middle School. She and her teammates have been awarded two trademarks from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for developing a program to scaffold critical thinking and discourse in the resource setting. According to Debra Hartman, Rochester Community Schools Director, Mrs. Lusky was described by her colleagues as innovative, committed and forever giving.

(L-R) John Pino, Lisa Nowak, Amy Cosentino, Charles Rowland

(L-R) John Pino, Lisa Nowak, Amy Cosentino, Charles Rowland

Mrs. Consentino, special education teacher at Rochester High School, embodies and believes in inclusive education, incorporating her general education students with her special education students in a seamless unified relationship. “She is compassionate, dedicated, motivated and energetic,” said Mrs. Hartman. “She supports and goes above and beyond to ensure that her students and their families receive the best possible care and education during their high school years.”

Since 2004, the Pino Agency has partnered with the Rochester Community School Foundation to assist the Foundation in fulfilling its mission to support and advance learning for all students. “John and Marie Pino understand the value of directing their resources back into the community,” said Mrs. Hartman. “The students and staff of Rochester Community Schools are the direct beneficiaries of their generosity.”


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