Rochester Community Schools Narrows Achievement Gaps

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recently released the remaining four schools within the Rochester Community School District from Focus School status for their efforts to bridge the achievement gap between the top and the bottom 30 percent student performers.

“This is great news,” said Superintendent Robert Shaner. “Our curriculum department has done an outstanding job exploring alternative approaches to enhance student achievement. It’s wonderful when the hard work of our team, to include students, parents and the community, is recognized.”

Rochester Community SchoolsIn 2012, nine Rochester Schools were designated as Focus Schools. Five of the schools were subsequently removed. The additional four schools (Brooklands, Hampton, and McGregor Elementary Schools, and Reuther Middle School) were released from Focus School status as of August 7, 2015. MDE used state assessment results from the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years to make this determination.

“We are pleased to report that the gains made by the bottom 30 percent of the students at Brooklands, Hampton, McGregor and Reuther exceeded the state average for both mathematics and language arts,” said Executive Director of Elementary Education Michael Behrmann.

“The district has employed many strategies, both in elementary and secondary education, to help students who are underperforming,” said Behrmann. These strategies include focusing on learning consultant interventions, special education instructional strategies, visible thinking routines, workshop classes, an emphasis on English as a Second Language, and a commitment to the Multi-tiered System of Supports.

“We are celebrating this success, but our work doesn’t stop here,” said Shaner. “As outlined in our Strategic Plan, we will continue to focus on providing all students with a quality education so they can learn at high levels.”

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