Rochester Community Schools Superintendent Receives Advanced Certification Endorsement

Superintendent of Rochester Community Schools, David L. Pruneau, has earned a specialty superintendent endorsement on his school administrator certification through a professional leadership program called Courageous Journey. This voluntary program, which is offered by the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA), allows   public school superintendents the opportunity to engage in classes, forums and online interactions over a three-year period to improve leadership skills and apply those skills to improve staff and student outcomes in their districts.

The Courageous Journey program addresses seven points of learning that research indicates are critical to becoming a highly effective superintendent:  Leadership, Management, Relationships and Communication, Data-informed planning and decision making, Organizational development, Politics and Teaching and Learning.

“Because the Courageous Journey spans three years, it allows superintendents to tackle real transformative changes in their districts that in turn can raise student achievement,”  said William H. Mayes, MASA Executive Director. Dr. Patricia Reeves, who heads the endorsement program states “We applaud his commitment and accomplishments over the past three years.  Mr. Pruneau has joined a special guild of district leaders committed to using best practice and making a critical difference for the students they serve.”