Rochester Falcons vs. Rochester Adams Highlanders

Rochester Hills Mayor’s Video Log Entry

Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and thanks so much for watching. You know, as summer winds to an end, one of the best times in this community is right around the corner. It’s fall, it’s cider, it’s donuts, and it’s football. Tonight we are gonna watch one of the greatest cross town rivalries in our community’s proud and storied history, as Rochester Adams takes on the Rochester Falcons right here on the Rochester Falcon field. Now, this is always the first game of the year, it’s the Flacon Frenzy, and we’re gonna walk around and see some of the traditions of this game, and of course meet some of the people that will play a part and we’ll see what their early predictions are for who’s going to come away the victor this evening. But also, as we know, there are other great school programs, we’re gonna be out watching some Stoney Creek Cougar football, and some Avondale Yellowjacket football, just all of the great programs that are there. We’re excited to have football back in the City of Rochester Hills, and hope you’ll find some time to come out enjoy a great community tradition, which is local high school football right here in our city. So lets see what’s going on over the Falcon Frenzy here at Rochester Hill School.


Mayor: “Alright, so our first stop is here with the Adams Highlander Dance Team. Now, I think I might know the answer, but are you guys excited to be here today?”

Dance team: “Yeah!” (screaming)

Mayor: “Well I’ll save my tough question until the end, but we have a couple members of the team. Now Jenny, you’re a sophomore, last year was your first big cross town rivalry, Adams verse Rochester, what was it like last year?

Jenny: “It was crazy. It was so fun, everyone has so much school spirit, it was a great time.”

Mayor: “Who one last year?”

Jenny: “Us!”

Mayor: “Alright, and now you, Izzy, you’re a captain of this team, you’ve been apart of this for four year. What is this day, what does this night mean to you as a senior?”

Izzy: “Well this is the first time being at Rochester for me, so I’m really excited to perform, we’re actually, we’re facing Rochester, and we’re still with our bands today, so it’s going to be really cool.”

Mayor: “Well it’s going to be an awesome battle tonight. Gonna be a classic showdown, so my question for you is at the end of the night, who’s gonna win this game?”

Dance team: “Adams” (cheers)

Mayor: “Alright, we’ll see if we can find anybody that disagrees.

Mayor: “Alright, so we found a different group of people I think might have a different answer about who’s gonna come out on top tonight. Here, right now, with the Rochester High School dance team. Are you guys fired up for tonight?”

Rochester Dance Team: “Yeah!” (cheers)

Mayor: “It is a big night in the City of Rochester Hills, it’s the cross town rivalry. You’re on your home turf, Adams is trekking across town to come here to play football on your field tonight. Who’s gonna win this game tonight?”

Rochester Dance Team: “Rochester!” (cheers)

Mayor: “Alright, so now we have a freshman here. This is your first time doing this. What kind of emotions do you have when this place is packed tonight under the lights, what are you gonna be thinking?”

Lauren: “I’m really excited, and I hope Rochester wins, but we will so, don’t need to worry about that.”

Mayor: “Lauren’s confident about a Rochester Falcon victory tonight.”

Lauren: “Yes.”

Mayor: “And we’ve got the captain with us here, Kaitlynn, you’ve done this for four years?”

Kaitlynn: “Yep!”

Mayor: “So what can everybody expect tonight in terms of the energy? What is your goal when you get this crowd tonight.”

Kaitlynn: “It’s just so exciting when you get out on the field and the whole like student section is here cheering. Like your school, and you get to be apart of it, and get to represent the pride of your school and cheer on your home team.”

Mayor: “Well that’s awesome. As a senior you gotta be excited. Ladies, they’re going to need some help because it’s been awhile since the Falcons have one. So is tonight the night?”

Rochester Dance Team: “Yeah!” (cheers)

Mayor: “Alright, we’ll see. The Highlanders are fired up. The Falcons are fired up. Should be a great game.”

“So these young men have been practicing for weeks in the summer for the exciting time in just a few hours to run out of this tunnel and on to this field. Now as you know, it’s a big game, and as you see over here we’ve got, not just the players practicing early, but of course the bands. We’ve talked a little bit to the cheer teams and dance teams. But of course over my shoulder you can see the Highlander Marching Band, and of course the Falcon Marching Band. They’re gonna be performing tonight as a team, maybe the only folks really working together on today’s big night, but of course they’re here practicing and ready to just blow the roof off this roofless stadium, brand new this year, to celebrate this Flacon Frenzy, and of course this great cross town rivalry. So we’re grateful for the bands, we’ll see more of them a little bit later, but check out some of the early action here today.”

Bands playing

Mayor: “So every good rivalry football game has fanatic folks that come out early to get the party started, and it’s no different here for the Falcon Frenzy. We found I think the tailgate here in the city right now, Rochester Falcon fans here?”

Falcon Fan: “Yes!”

Mayor: “Alright, now we have found a group of Falcon Fanatics and why are you so interested in this game?”

1st Falcon Fan: “We have boys that play, it’s their last season. We’re ready to beat Adams and this is the year.”

Falcon Fans: “This is it!”

Mayor: “This is, you’ve got a bunch of moms, right?”

Falcon Fans: “Yes.”

Mayor: “Ready to cheer on the boys, now this is the last chance for a few of you right?”

Falcon Fan: “Yes.”

Mayor: “What’s gonna be different about tonight’s game? Why do you feel so confident that tonight the Falcon’s are gonna beat the Highlanders?”

Falcon Fan: “Our boys are ready.”

2nd Falcon Fan: “We’re on our new field.”

3rd Falcon Fan: “They worked hard.”

4th Falcon Fan: “A lot of years.”

1st Falcon Fan: “It’s their fourth year and they want to go out strong, and with a bang.”

Mayor: “Alright listen, we”

1st Falcon Fan: “And finally beat them.”

Mayor: “We are, this group is confident that this is the year that the Falcons are gonna beat the Highlanders. Now everybody knows that every good tailgate has some good food.”

Falcon Fans: “Oh yeah!”

Mayor: “So what are we looking at behind me here?”

Falcon Fan: “Bad Brads.”

1st Falcon Fan: “We’ve got Bad Brads, homemade baked beans, that, we have some corned bread.”

Mayor: “Look at that! We’ll definitely be hitting this later. Definitely.”

1st Falcon Fan: “Then we have our little snack table with desserts. And we actually have more coming.”

Mayor: “So the team will be, the fans will be definitely fueled up for a big win. And of course, what else it takes to have a big, the feel of a victory behind ya, is the student section, over here”

Students cheering

Mayor: “Now the soldiers of fortune, these guys and ladies are infamous for their support of the Falcons again hours before the game starts. Javon, why do you guys come out so early, and what makes this such a passionate thing for you?”

Javon: “Just the rivalry, and the energy, and the game, and the tailgates before the game. Especially since it’s Adams, like our rivals across town. It’s just gonna be great game. Blue Out for us, we’re just gonna show em up on the student section, and on the field, of course.”

Mayor” Now I want you to say right now, I want you to give this, I want you to say one good thing about Adams High School…I won’t hold you to it. It’s alright. Anybody want to take that one?”

Student Fan: “They’re gold and brown.”

Mayor: “They’re gold and brown, alright. That’s it, that’s it. So tonight, I mean listen, it’s been a few years since the Falcons have come out on top. Why is tonight the night that you guys are going to be victorious on that field behind us?”

Javon: “I can name everybody on the team.”

Mayor: “The whole team, and that’s the reason?”

Javon: “That’s the reason, Adams lost like twelve starters.”

Mayor: “So you’ve done the math on this thing.”

Javon: “Oh yes.”

Mayor: “Alright, so one message you want to tell all the Rochester Hills residents watching, why should they cheer for the Falcons this entire season?”

Javon: “Ah, we’re Rochester, like we’re the original. Adams, no Stoney just got built, like c’mon, Rochester’s like it, so.”

Mayor: “Oh I can see we’re gonna have to probably get a counter point eventually, but tonight it’s all about Rochester and Rochester Adams, and I have to tell ya, while I’m supposed to be impartial, I do for the first time in my life have a freshman at Rochester High School, so it’s all about the Falcons tonight, lets get this game going! You guys ready?”

Student Fans: “Yeah!”

Mayor: “Alright, lets do it!”

Video and Transcript Courtesy of the City of Rochester Hills

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