Rochester Hills Becomes Model Community for Shared Services

Rochester Hills, Michigan – As Governor Rick Snyder looks to local municipalities to consolidate and share services, the City of Rochester Hills announces its latest partnership by agreeing to share employees with Shelby Township.

The focus on efficiencies and cost reduction has left no industry or business untouched.

“The landscape of local governments is changing and evolving, our city council and this administration has been progressive in finding innovative solutions,” states Mayor Bryan K. Barnett.

After Rochester Hills initiated discussions between the two communities, the Shelby Township and Rochester Hills City Council unanimously supported the agreement. 

“Shared services can help municipalities increase effectiveness and efficiency in their operation. As responsibilities become increasingly complex and demanding, cities must explore shared services as a way to reduce or avoid costs and to improve service delivery,” states Councilmen Marty Brennan.

The agreement allows either community to request personnel assistance from one another on an “as needed basis,” at no cost. The approved agreement between both cities is currently limited to building department services; however this creates additional opportunities for future consideration.

“We have extended this proposal to more than five surrounding communities and several have indicated an interest in pursuing discussions,” states Scott Cope, Building Director. “It makes good business sense to find ways for us to work together and utilize each other’s resources and adapt better to fluctuating workloads.”    

The City of Rochester Hills is currently engaged in a significant number of shared service agreements that not only include the areas of police, fire and dispatch services, but also with the Older Person’s Commission (OPC), Rochester Hills Public Library, and most recently with the Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC). 

Rochester Hills has demonstrated considerable proactive efforts associated with establishing collaborative arrangements with other communities and partners. The administration continues to identify and research other ideas for future arrangements, understanding the benefits that could be achieved from additional joint partnerships.

Established in 1984, the City of Rochester Hills is a prosperous community offering residents and businesses superior services. Voted one of the top places to live by several sources including CNN Money magazine and, Rochester Hills is committed to sustaining its position among the nation’s preeminent places to live, work and raise a family. Through the city’s focus on health, education and technology, the community continues to attract forward-thinking leaders and businesses.

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  1. first post was full of typos had to get another had to get another cup of coffee in me to get it right… sorry

    Lots of great press as of late about regional cooperation among cities and their departments…
    Something I have certainly supported for over 20 years…
    Southeastern Michigan has more local government per person than 90% of the country…
    This kills business opportunity to want to locate here.

    I wonder if the Shelby Township government was smart enough to know the mayor Bryan K. Barnett runs his building department in the red $400,000 to $500,000 over budget year after year?
    And that’s why upscale residential towns like The City Of Rochester and Oakland Township refuse to get tied up in Bryan’s mess.

    P.S. “Voted one of the top places to live by several sources including CNN Money magazine and” is a BS award; if the city pays for it… it gets the award… for and extra $25.00 you get their coffee table book with your city’s name in it
    CNN Money magazine… was based on the region The City Of Rochester, Oakland Township and Rochester Hills… need I say more LOL


    Estimated cost for the Rochester Hills Building Department is $1,363,520 for FY 2011

    $525,000 License & Permit Fees
    $199,000 Charge for Service
    $724,000 Total Projected Outside Revenue
    $201,500 Inter-Fund Revenue*
    *One Rochester Hills department charging another Rochester Hills department for services

    $925,500 Total Projected Revenue
    $438,020 Total Projected Over Budget?

    “The Building Department is estimated to generate $925,500 in revenue from fees, charge for services and inter-fund charges. This leaves $438,020 ($1,363,520 – $925,500) which is not funded by a direct revenue source.” Keith Sawdon, Director of Finance Rochester Hills

    “Traditionally a municipal Building Department is funded by outside revenue sources. Also, a minimum of in-house charges are acceptable. Why then does the Rochester Hills Building Department consistently run $400,000 to $500,000 over budget year after year?” Scot Beaton


    Scot Beaton
    655 Bolinger St. Rochester Hills
    phone: 24/7 248.650.7862

    Political Experience former Rochester Hills City Council member 1988 to 1997
    (Elected 3 Times) Rochester Hills City Council (9 Years)
    President, Rochester Hills City Council (2 Years)

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