Rochester Hills Chooses Trip Brennan to replace his father on City Council

The Rochester Hills City Council voted last night to replace the late J. Martin Brennan with his son Trip Brennan for the last month of his term.

Councilman Michael Webber said, “Marty Brennan dedicated his life to public service. I can’t think of a better way to honor him and the Brennan family than to appoint his son Trip Brennan to fill out the remaining time on Marty’s term. I know that Councilman Trip Brennan will serve with distinction during this time, taking his experience as a leader on the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council and apply it to his work on the City Council. I look forward to working with him.”

Councilman Nathan Klomp said, “I believe he’ll make a great addition to our council. I can’t think of
anyone in our city who followed our meetings and Councilman Brennan’s
contributions more than Trip Brennan. Trip has had the experience of
participating in a number of committees and citywide efforts that have
influenced and benefited our community. Further, I’m confident that Trip
understands the magnitude of his new position and will serve the residents
of Rochester Hills and District 2 with the same grace, passion and vigor as
his dad did. Trip is an excellent individual to finish out Councilman
Brennan’s term and I feel that our city has been blessed by his acceptance
of the nomination and willingness to serve.”

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