Rochester Hills Citizens Get Ballot Change Approval

City Clerk, Jane Leslie, called yesterday to inform me that the Clerk’s office had finished it’s review of the over 3000 signatures that had been submitted on petitions, and that they had found 2799 of them to be valid. Since we only needed 2584, the Amendment would definitely be on the ballot in November. Toward that end, she had forwarded it, with a letter, to the Governor for his review and approval. Since the petition language is not in the form of a ballot question, she had forwarded it to Mr. Staran, the City Attorney, so that he could form the question for the ballot to be acted upon at the next Council meeting on August 26. Council can only approve the language of the question, and cannot change the language of the actual amendment.

Great work, everybody, but now we must move on to the tasks educating and promoting the Amendment to the electorate to assure its passage. Again, great work!!! Stay tuned.

Best regards,
Gary Uhl

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  1. Congratulations to Gary and the whole team. You can be assured this will pass and send a message to the City Council that they need to listen to the citizens who elect them. This entire petition drive only became necessary after the City Council tried to push through the ill fated Water Tower Project using parkland.

    We need to finish the job in November and elect a Council that will not overstep its bounds again. Dont think for a minute that the same majority on Council won’t bring the Water Tower back once we get past the election and they are locked in for another four years.

    Voye for the candidates NOT endorsed by the Mayor and not part of the majority voting bloc that has owned this Council for the last four years. That means a NO vote for Webber and Kochenderfer.

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