Rochester Hills Faith Church Heading to Joplin to Help

We have settled in on travel dates for the Joplin Mission Trip.  We will depart late afternoon on Wednesday, July 6 and return the evening of Wednesday, July 13.  Hopefully, the new dates will give more people the opportunity to serve.  Please take some time to pray about your participation and consider going.  Keep in mind that even though we are not seeing much about the disaster in Joplin on the news any longer there are still great needs that can only be met through the hands of caring people.  If you have questions or want to sign-up contact Faye Martin at

The trip details will remain the same as stated in the previous email and FB post copied below plus these new developments …..

Many have expressed an interest in sending supplies, etc. with our team.  We will take items but only those the church has listed on their website.  New Creation is also looking for groups interested in putting together a community VBS or block party.  These are events we will consider but our involvement will depend on the gifts, skills and talents of our team.  Go to and follow the links to learn more.

We are in the process of putting together a team for disaster relief work in Joplin, Missouri.  We will be partnering with New Creation, a sister EPC church.  The church is located about three blocks from the path of the tornado but did not suffer any damage.  The entire church building has been transformed into a distribution center and field kitchen, and can accommodate up to 80 relief workers.

What will we do?  Whatever is needed.  We may fix a hot meal or pack sack lunches for approximately 150 people, clean-up debris, cut down trees with chain saws, help distribute water and various other supplies, pray with and encourage people, unpack semis and organize inventories, help New Creation with administrative tasks related to relief work.  Please don’t consider this a complete list; I am sure there will be other things that will come up.

When will we go?  The exact travel details are in the process of being worked out.  But as of today, we will leave late afternoon on Friday, June 10, travel 5 or 6 hours and stop for the night (you may choose to stay alone or bunk with others).  

What about accommodations?  We have two options.  New Creation Church will provide housing and meals.  They are set up with approximately 80 cots and air mattresses – we bring our own bedding.  The church does not have shower facilities but showers are a short distance away.  We also have the option to stay in a nearby hotel (you can choose to stay alone or bunk with others).

How much will it cost?  Not exactly sure, but here’s an estimate.  Travel costs: $60 – $75 per person for fuel; 2 nights in a hotel; 6 to 8 road meals (depends on departure time).  Accommodations in Joplin: no cost to stay at New Creation Church or the cost of hotel for six nights if hotel option is chosen.  Again, hotel costs depend on whether you stay alone or bunk with others.

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