Rochester Hills Memorial Day Parade

This year’s Memorial Day Parade begins with an opening ceremony at 9:15 am at Mt. Avon Cemetery in the City of Rochester. The parade itself starts at 10:00 am and proceeds from the cemetery to Veterans Memorial Point (corner of Avon and Livernois) in Rochester Hills. We are very pleased to announce a special program that will be part of the Memorial Day Parade this year. We are honoring one of man’s most valuable friends, the service dog. We are honoring dogs in the military, dogs that help people with disabilities, dogs in law enforcement, and dogs that are our faithful companions. Dogs are truly our unsung heroes in so many ways. They honor us on the battlefield by protecting our soldiers, they assist people as leader dogs and therapy dogs, and they work along side our law enforcement officers. Dogs make our lives safe, and truly are “man’s best friend.” We hope to have dogs from the military, Leader Dogs for the Blind, and from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office join us in the parade this year. Please come out and help us honor ALL of our veterans.

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