Rochester Hills Primary Election Update -With video

The day has finally arrived for the Primary Election in Rochester Hills. Rochester Media had a chance to stop in at Precincts 18 and 25 in District 2 and talk with several candidates and supporters. With less than 100 votes reported by noon today in these two precincts, the candidates are expecting a fairly low turnout. Candidate Mark Tisdel was told that approximately 70% of the  over 5200 absentee ballots requested were turned in so far. Candidate Jordan Kotubey said he knocked on over 2000 doors before today and had a chance to talk with several additional people at the polls. Mayoral candidate Paul Miller reminded us that very few countries offer the right to vote, and here in America it is not only our right but a priviledge. Supporters of various candidates held up signs and offered smiling faces as voters made their way in. Laurie Puscas’ husband, Dan, and Rochester Councilman Stuart Bikson were dressed in “Puscas for City Council” t-shirts with Harriet the family dog, who seemed to be a favorite among the younger residents. Mr. Puscas told Rochester Media that he was glad the rain held off and was hoping the voting traffic would pick up later this afternoon. Mayor Barnett reminded residents of the importance of local elections and added that he hoped every Rochester Hills resident would take the opportunity to cast their vote. Finally, Candidate Adam Kochenderfer reiterated, “Decisions made two, three, four years from now will all hinge on the decisions and votes cast today.” He too mentioned he saw a light turnout so far, but added he hoped residents would come out and make their voice be heard. The results will be tallied at City Hall after 8pm tonight and the winners will look towards the November election.

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  1. Lorraine McGoldrick says

    How is it that Mark Tisdel doesn’t know that one can’t turn in the absentee ballot on election day! You get an absentee because you are not in town to vote! Wish he knew something about Rochester Hills and the rules! The council position is very important on committees and Webber is not working to have accountability like OPC illegal vote! We don’t need another uninformed person joining him!

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