Rochester Hills woman’s service dog could help detect her seizures

This story appeared at on 4-11-14

Kiara Williamson of Rochester Hills wasn’t supposed to live past the age of 13. She is now approaching 21.

“She had her first feeding tube put in at (1 year old). Her second one put in at 5 and she had a third one put in 10 years ago. She has a total of three tubes in her stomach helping her to sustain life,” said Kiara’s mother, Anitra Williamson

Her challenges are a result of a chromosomal disorder called “cri du chat,” meaning she is missing her fifth chromosome.

“She has had 130-plus surgical procedures. We deal with 35-plus medications a day. It takes 4 hours to get her out of the house, but this is her normal. She’s happy with who she is. She loves life,” said her mother.

In 2011, Kiara graduated from Rochester Adams and attended her senior prom. Yet, she still suffers from seizures nearly twice a week and a service dog could help detect her seizures and calm her everyday struggles.

“She will accompany her to school, to church, whatever Kiara is doing this dog will be right by her side,” said Anitra.”

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