Rochester Parking Platform Construction Kicks Off January 2015

As a part of the City of Rochester’s comprehensive parking management strategy, the City is breaking ground on the next phase of the strategy: construction of two parking platforms in the downtown district. Construction on the East Street Platform, located on East Street between Fourth and University, will begin on Monday, January 5. A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for 4 pm on January 5. The westerly Walnut Blvd. Platform, located on Walnut Blvd. between Fourth and University will also break ground in March.

To address merchant concerns regarding construction during the holiday season and deliver overall cost savings, the project will be constructed on a compressed 11-month timeframe. According to the press release, the East Street Platform will be completed by the end of June, while the Walnut Blvd. Platform will be completed by November 20. A downtown parking shuttle will be available for downtown customers and employees upon the start of the West Platform. In addition, 140 spaces of new temporary parking will be available in a lot constructed at the corner of Water and Third Street.

“Embarking on this parking infrastructure project is another major step forward for the City and will serve to strengthen and grow its very successful downtown business district,” said Mayor Jeffrey T. Cuthbertson who continued: “After over two years of careful study and business case planning, now is the time launch construction of these parking platforms and lay a foundation for the future.”

The project was subject to a competitive bid process, managed by the City’s Parking Advisory Committee and Construction Manager, Frank Rewold and Sons.

At the conclusion of this project, the platforms will provide over 550 total parking spaces and will offer the first two hours of parking free. Additional free and low-cost on and off-street parking will continue to be available in every area of the downtown district.

For more information, contact the City of Rochester at 248/651-9061 or visit

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