Rochester Police Receive Donated Segways

You may have seen the Rochester Police riding around this weekend on some new equipment.  The new vehicles are Segway Personal Transporters. A local citizen recently donated the pair of Segways to the Rochester Police Force, making their dream a reality.  I was able to meet with Police Chief Steve Schettenhelm to discuss their new additions and watch him take one for a ride.  “They are really nice,” said Chief Schettenhelm, “I have been in contact with the Wayne State Police Department, and their experience has been very positive as well. It’s a great way to get around. People are attracted to it, and they come up and ask questions. It’s a great conversation starter and a great extension of our community policing program.” When I asked the Chief how the department intends to use them, he said predominantly for special events and occasions. Segways raise an officer eight inches off the ground, have an eco-friendly electric drive system, and travel slightly faster than a person can run. These qualities make them perfect patrol vehicles for the downtown area and for special occasions. According to the creators of the Segway, “More than 1,000 municipalities, airports, military bases, private security firms, emergency response brigades, and other public and private safety organizations can’t be wrong. They’ve all stepped up to the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for patrolling. They’re connecting more with the communities they serve. They’re keeping people safer. They’re responding to emergencies more quickly. They’re preventing crime. And they’re doing so all while creating fewer emissions, taking up less space, and a lot less hassle than other transportation options.” The manufacturer goes on to say, “The Segway Patroller i2 and x2 models were designed with the direct input of trusted law enforcement and security professionals. Their recommendations included high visibility, integrated lighting systems, durable components, surfaces for insignia, stowage area, and other enhancements. From the wristband for the InfoKey controller to the improved bumper, the Segway Patroller was built with the patrolling officer in mind.”

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