Rochester Rotary Awards Grant to Rochester Area Youth Assistance

Rochester Rotary Charities recently awarded Rochester Area Youth Assistance (RAYA) a $5,000 grant to help with their mission to strengthen youth and families in the Rochester Community and to reduce the incidence of delinquency, abuse and neglect through community partnerships.

The three pose for a photo with a giant check

RAYA Chairperson, Debbie Jones; Rochester Rotary Charities President, Tom Neveau; RAYA Board Member, Jennifer Lundy

Rochester Rotary Charities is a nonprofit organization established to receive and distribute funds for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, all for the public welfare. Rochester Rotary Charities provides for separation between Rochester Rotary Club operations and Rochester Rotary Charities funds per the Rochester Rotary Club bylaws.

The Rochester Rotary Club hosts many fundraising events throughout the year, but all monies raised are raised on behalf of Rochester Rotary Charities and it is from Rochester Rotary Charities that funds are distributed.

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