Rochester Rotary Club Raises Funds for Salvation Army

Rochester Rotary Club has been raising funds for numerous local organization in need for over 50 years. In the last 20 years the club has assisted the Salvation Army by providing Bell Ringer at various locations throughout downtown Rochester during the festive Lagniappe.

Years ago the festivities started with the lighting of a single tree. Today, the event has grown to be one of the biggest light shows in the country thanks to the  Downtown Development Authority and Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce. Even during a tough economy, the Rochester Rotary Club has been fortunate to have raise $1,300.00 for the Salvation Army this year during Lagniappe events.

Special thanks to this years’ bell ringer: John Modetz, Jim Fraser, Shirley Gofrank, Mary Lee Kowalczyk, George Krozier, Cary Riggs, Jeff Williams, Jim Kennedy, Jerry Carvey, Jeff Regan, Phil & Carol Lowman, Dick Spiess, Christine Hage, John Gaber, Adam Kochenderfer, Ernie Schaefer, Patricia Barbosa, Zeff Nikprelaj, ¬†Sheri Heiney, Anne Burns, Brent Blankenship, Jim Koester, Jay & Linda Eastman, Mel Gay, Dave Bray, Roger Roller, Bill Ebinger, Frank Rewald, Brad Upton, Lynn Orfgen, Roger Hitchcock, Stewart Siegner, Rhonda Panczyk, Dick Gorges, and Mo Sayed.

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