Rochester School District Says, “Talk to us”

The Rochester Community School District announced today that it has added a new feature to its website — “Talk to us®!” When residents go to and click on the Talk to us tab, they can make a comment, offer a compliment, ask a question, squelch a rumor, or report a problem.

RCS Talk to us button

“We are interested in what people in our district are thinking about our schools,” said Superintendent Robert Shaner. “This addition to our website will help provide residents with a convenient way to reach us, anytime, day or night.”

Shaner said that the Talk to us button is just another way the Rochester Community School District is continuing to improve communication with people in the community. Calls, emails and letters are still welcome.

“We know that people have questions, comments or suggestions that they want us to consider, or they may have even heard a rumor that needs clarification,” said Shaner. “The Talk to us feature provides the school district with another tool to learn what people are thinking, hearing, or saying. Then we can respond with the appropriate course of action.”

People who use the Talk to us link can do so anonymously, or they can request a response to what was submitted.

“Because we are not sure how much traffic the new button will generate, at this point we will get back with people who contact us as soon as we can,” said Shaner. “However, our ultimate goal is to respond within 24 hours. The bottom line is that if you talk, we will listen; and that’s a promise.”

The Talk to us tab is located in the upper left corner of the Rochester Community School District website at

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