Roundabouts; Cheaper to build and safer.

Does that mean we should have one at every intersection? Definitely not. In fact there are many intersections in our city where a roundabout would not make an improvement. Even with federal grant dollars we need to continue to use discretion.

The infamous roundabout at 18 1/2 and Vandyke is a perfect example of why civic leaders and engineers need to exercise careful consider. It’s important to note however that while many motorists have been reportedly uncomfortable maneuvering through the roundabout at 18 1/2 and Vandyke the severe car crashes have dropped substantially since its implementation.

Probably the most important lesson behind the roundabout at 18 1/2 and Vandyke is the continuity component. From a traffic flow stand point roundabouts are systemic. One links to another and therefore generally they work better in pairs. There is a certain harmony to multiple roundabouts within a community. This is especially true for residential and more destination oriented communities like Rochester Hills.

Still, residents have to be on board here in Rochester Hills and willing to accept change. It’s a community decision and my approach has been to share with our residents what I believe are the benefits of roundabouts while hearing and considering their concerns.