Running in Rochester

For 27 years, I hated running. Yes, I really HATED it.  I’ll never forget that first “long run” with a friend that was just 2.6 miles but I couldn’t even finish.   Surprisingly, that day was the beginning of a new found love of running, and unexpectedly finding out that getting in shape through running in Rochester is something that we can be proud and feel blessed to embrace.

Rochester is set apart with access to so many aspects that are supreme for becoming a runner, recreationally and athletically. Being an undoubtedly hip city, yet also consisting of wonderfully idealistic nature and countryside, you have a mix that can make even the least likely pavement pounder itching to get their running shoes on.

Once you step out the door, the options in Rochester are endless.  Distracting yourself by running through town, window-shopping all the way until you realize you’ve made it further than you thought you could is a great option.  Surrounding town, all with sidewalks, you can look for new landscape ideas or new real estate as you meander through the quiet neighborhoods with challenging hills lined with new, post-war and historic homes.

If you want to feel at peace and feel like you can relax, hit the Paint Creek or Clinton River Trail, where green life, and the joint-friendly flat gravel paths envelop you.  Another hidden gem just outside of town are the rolling trails that are a part of Stony Creek Metropark, but accessible for free off of Sheldon road.

The payoff one short year later is that I now LOVE running, have lost 20 pounds, and just finished a sublime 10-mile race.  The best advice ever given to me was to “just give running a chance”.  Push through those awkward first miles, and enjoy our beautiful city in a brand new way. Experience all the distinct scenery and cherish our hometown for all it offers.

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