Saluting the Armed Forces – The U.S. Navy

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Under Michigan law, the flag of each branch of service is flown over the state Capitol on the service founding date. Since June, we’ve looked at the U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Air Force. Still to come… the Marines. Today, we honor and salute the men and women — past and present — who proudly represent the United States Navy.

U.S. Navy

  • Founded October 13, 1775
  • Motto: “Non sibi sed patriae” (Latin: Not for self but for country)
  • Colors: Blue and Gold
  • March: “Anchors Aweigh”
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At 240 years young, the United States Navy (USN) is the largest, most powerful navy in the world, with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage. As of March 2015, it has 272 deployable combat ships and more than 3,700 aircraft in active service.

The Navy’s origins go as far back at the Continental Navy, which was established during the American Revolutionary War. During the American Civil War, it made its presence known by blockading the Confederacy and seizing control of its rivers. The Navy again played a significant role in the World War II defeat of Japan. Although the Navy is administratively managed by the Department of the Navy (and headed by the civilian Secretary of the Navy or SECNAV) the Department of the Navy is a division of the Department of Defense, which is headed by the Secretary of Defense.

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